Monday, March 20, 2006

Ella, half of it, blocking (with bonus Zoot)

Originally uploaded by Mme. Bosanquet.
And here she is blocking out - I include this not to show you my slovenly housekeeping or my overweight cat, but to say, it's REALLY FREAKING BIG. That's a queen sized bed that half of it is overwhelming right there. I'm going to have to block it in stages anyway (lest I get a Hugh Hefner-sized bed) so why not satisfy the urge to see it spread out?


Blogger Lucie said...

Congrats on finishing -- you really earned this one. It looks gorgeous! can't wait to see it after all the blocking.

3/22/2006 11:12 AM  
Anonymous Zane Deaselcrisp said...

It actually looks rather diminuitive next to the massive fur-spill on the right.

3/29/2006 4:42 PM  

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